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    Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

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Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift is mainly composed of chassis, guide beam, hydraulic cylinder, mechanical electromagnetic lock, control box, hydraulic station, synchronous beam, cover plate and support arm. In addition to the upper end of the chassis, the other surfaces are fully enclosed, waterproof and anti-corrosive, and concrete is poured around the bottom and below. The guide beam is fixed to the upper part of the chassis and has two guiding holes thereon. The hydraulic cylinder is single-acting, the piston rod is a hollow rod, the lower oil inlet port has no rod cavity, the lower end surface is placed on the bottom surface of the chassis, and the red cylinder outer circle is finished and hard chrome plated.

Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift

When the oil inlet is oiled (discharged), the piston rod does not move, and the cylinder slides upward (downward) along the guide hole on the guide beam, thereby causing the support arm (car) to move upward (downward). The mechanical electromagnetic lock is the most important self-locking insurance mechanism (more on this later). Inside the control box are control circuits, peripheral power switches and operation buttons. The hydraulic station powers the movement of the hydraulic cylinder. Synchronous beams ensure the synchronism and smoothness of the two hydraulic cylinders (detailed later).

The cover plate has a sealing protection function, and has a reliable sealing with the joint portion of the Truck Hydraulic Inground Car Lift chassis along the periphery and the joint portion with the guide beam two guiding holes, thereby achieving the purpose of waterproofing and dustproof. The arm is a component that directly lifts the car, and it is fixed to the upper end of the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder and moves together.



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